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Weak Swimmer Awards

Water Skills Two

  1. To enter shallow water from a standing or sitting position, without the use of steps.
  2. To submerge the head completely and blow out under water for a minimum of 3 seconds.
  3. To hold a tucked floating position for a minimum of 5 seconds. (This may be on the front or back with the face submerged or kept out of the water).
  4. To swim one width on the front using a crawl-type front paddle propulsive action.
  5. To swim one width on the back using a crawl-type leg action.
  6. To swim one width on the front or back using a breaststroke type action.
  7. To swim one width full stroke on the front or back with arm recovery over the water.
  8. To demonstrate a horizontal or vertical floating position for 20 seconds.
  9. To demonstrate a 360o turn or roll from a horizontal or vertical position without making contact with the pool bottom.
  10. To swim two widths without pausing, using any stroke or strokes.

Water skills level 2

Sandra Poynter

65 Moor Lane
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"With a heavy heart we have now finished lessons with Sandra as my son has started swimming at school. Sandra was recommended to me, and I in turn heartily recommend her swim school. My son came on in leaps and bounds with lessons from Steve and Richard - always super attention, fun, and classes kept small and personal. Thank-you to you all for helping my son get over his nerves and turning him into a boy who loves swimming. "
   - Angela

"Thank you for the last 14 years !! You have patiently taught all four of our children to swim.(the last two slightly challenging!) swimming is such an important lesson in life that stays with them for life, the badges and certificates you awarded them were always a great confidence boost. you run an excellent swim school thanks :)"
   - Julie brookes




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