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Group Lessons :Archbishop Holgate's School

Welcome to the Archbishop Holgate's School Swimming Club in York website. All lessons are 30 minutes long.

Cost £60.00 for 10 half hour lessons.

10 Week course starting : Tuesday  July; 3rd, 10th, 17th,

                                                     September; 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th,

                                                     October; 2nd, 9th, 16th.



Time Location Lesson
16:00 Archbishop's Holgate School Beginners
16:30 Archbishop's Holgate School Beginners
17:00 Archbishop's Holgate School Beginners
16:00 Archbishop's Holgate School Weak Swimmer
16:30 Archbishop's Holgate School Weak Swimmer
17:00 Archbishop's Holgate School Weak Swimmer
16:00 Archbishop's Holgate School Improver
16:30 Archbishop's Holgate School Improver
17:00 Archbishop's Holgate School Improver
17:30 Archbishop's Holgate School Improver
16:00 Archbishop's Holgate School Bronze
16:30 Archbishop's Holgate School Bronze
17:00 Archbishop's Holgate School Bronze
16:00 Archbishop's Holgate School Silver
17:00 Archbishop's Holgate School Silver
16:30 Archbishop's Holgate School Gold
17:30 Archbishop's Holgate School Gold
17:30 Archbishop's Holgate School Coaching
4-5.30pm July; 19th,   
  Sept; 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th,  
  Oct; 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th,  
  Nov; 5th.  
16.00 Archbishop Holgate School Beginners
16.00   Weak Swimmers
16.00   Bronze/Silver
16.30   Beginners
16.30   Improvers
16.30   Coaching
17.00   Improvers
17.00   Gold
5.30-7.30pm  June; 14th, 21st, 28th,    
   July; 5th,12th,19th,  
   September; 6th,13th, 20th, 27th.  
17.30 Archbishop Holgate School Beginners
17.30 Archbishop Holgate School Weak Swimmer
17.30 Archbisgop Holgate School Bronze
18.00 Archbishop Holgate School Beginner / 1/1
18.00 Archbishop Holgate School Weak Swimmer / 1/1
18.00  Archbishop Holgate School Gold Challenge / Coaching
18.30 Archbishop Holgate School Beginners
18.30 Archbishop Holgate School Improvers
18.30 Archbishop Holgate School Bronze / Silver Challenge
19.00 Archbishop Holgate School Gold Challenge / Coaching
19.00 Archbishop Holgate School 1/1



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Sandra Poynter




"Our son and daughter have developed their technique and gained in confidence since starting with Sandra and her expert instructors seven years ago. The experienced and attentive approach to teaching is consistent and highly effective. Staff are committed to supporting your child to develop at their pace in a fun, safe and supportive environment. "
   - Suzie & Tig Cockburn

"With a heavy heart we have now finished lessons with Sandra as my son has started swimming at school. Sandra was recommended to me, and I in turn heartily recommend her swim school. My son came on in leaps and bounds with lessons from Steve and Richard - always super attention, fun, and classes kept small and personal. Thank-you to you all for helping my son get over his nerves and turning him into a boy who loves swimming. "
   - Angela




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