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Challenge Gold Swimming Award

ASA: Gold

Section A

  1. To plunge dive into water of at least full reach depth and swim 100 metres, in 2m. 30s. or less, using two different strokes, 50 metres of each.
  2. To tread water for 3 minutes, with one hand remaining above the head throughout. The arm raised may be changed no more than 5 times.
  3. To scull headfirst on the back for 10 metres, move into a tucked position and turn through 360° keeping the head above the water. Return to the starting point by sculling feet-first with the feet at, or near, the surface throughout and the hands close to the hips.
  4. To swim 10 metres, perform a forward somersault without touching the pool bottom and continue to swim in the same direction for a further 10 metres.

Section B

  1. To swim 800 metres using 3 of the following strokes; front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke, butterfly, English backstroke or sidestroke for a minimum distance of 200 metres per stroke. A change of stroke may only occur every 100 metres. This swim to be completed in 25 minutes.
  2. To climb out at the deep end without assistance.

Water Skills Level 6

Water Skills Six

  1. To swim 75 metres 2 minutes using three different strokes and demonstrating good technique.
  2. To perform the following skills consecutively and without pause;
    • (i) head first scull for 5 metres
    • (ii) somersault
    • (iii) feet first scull for 5 metres and a 360° rotation in vertical tucked position.
  3. To swim three widths of Front Crawl showing 2 appropriate turns and demon-strating good technique.
  4. To swim three widths of Back Crawl showing 2 Back Crawl turns and demonstrat-ing good technique.
  5. To swim three widths of Breaststroke showing 2 Breaststroke turns and demonstrating good technique.
  6. To swim two widths of Butterfly.
  7. To perform 2 jumps into deep water of at least full reach depth gaining height and taking up a different position in flight selected from straight, tuck pike, turning, somersault.
  8. To propel a ball for a minimum distance of 25 metres controlling it throughout and demonstrating two changes of direction of a least 90o.
  9. To plunge dive into water of at least full reach depth holding the glide for 5 me-tres.
  10. To plunge dive into water of at least full reach depth and tread water for one minute.
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Sandra Poynter




"Our son and daughter have developed their technique and gained in confidence since starting with Sandra and her expert instructors seven years ago. The experienced and attentive approach to teaching is consistent and highly effective. Staff are committed to supporting your child to develop at their pace in a fun, safe and supportive environment. "
   - Suzie & Tig Cockburn

"With a heavy heart we have now finished lessons with Sandra as my son has started swimming at school. Sandra was recommended to me, and I in turn heartily recommend her swim school. My son came on in leaps and bounds with lessons from Steve and Richard - always super attention, fun, and classes kept small and personal. Thank-you to you all for helping my son get over his nerves and turning him into a boy who loves swimming. "
   - Angela




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